Ithaca Area Bars See Rise In Crime, Dangerous Behavior

Ithaca College senior Melissa Pezzello stood at the bar on April 5 at 2nd Floor Bar in The Commons. She continued talking with her friends, when the DJ began to play “Shout” by The Isley Brothers. In that moment, Pezzello noticed things were getting out of hand.

“People began spraying their drinks,” she said. “There was beer everywhere. And then the bottles began to fly.”

Pezzello was one of two people that night who were hit by a thrown beer bottle. Pezzello sustained a laceration on the back of her head. The impact of the glass bottle also caused a minor concussion.

“I didn’t immediately realize I was bleeding,” Pezzello said. “But then the blood began to flow, and the bartenders helped me out.”

After the situation escalated, patrons were required to leave 2nd Floor. The Ithaca Police Department arrived on the scene, but Pezzello said she did not have to speak with authorities.

“It was so crowded that I couldn’t see who threw the bottle,” she said. “There was no way I could accuse or press charges.”

In light of recent events

While the incident in 2nd Floor bar was unexpected, more dangerous cases at Ithaca area bars occurred this past week.

The Cornell Daily Sun reported a male patron was stabbed on April 10 while at Level B, a bar located on Eddy Street in Collegetown. Police official arrived at the scene at 1:06 a.m., according to the crime alert.

The victim was immediately transported to an area hospital. The crime alert continues to report that the suspect continues to be at-large, and a police investigation will be ongoing. The Cornell Daily Sun reported the suspect is possibly 22 years old and stand at 5’ 10” with “black shoulder length wavy hair” and a complexion of “medium color.”

Additional information on the situation is yet to be released.

Social media aids investigation, communication for Ithaca Police and bar employees

While the stabbing at Level B continues to be investigated, Ithaca Police are utilizing Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about crime in the area. Regarding the Level B incident specifically, Ithaca Police posted on their Facebook page a crime report for both public and media use.

Ithaca Police also provided contact information, in case anyone connected to the department on social media has information on the case. Likewise, Ithaca Police continue to tweet out information on continuing cases, in hopes to gather further information on the situation.

Likewise, employees of Level B are using Facebook to express their opinion on the incident that occurred this past Thursday. A post on their page reads, “…we will further be increasing security measures at the entry and inside the bar for the foreseeable future.”

2nd Floor Bar has not posted on Facebook regarding the April 5 incident.

More aware of their surroundings

Ithaca College senior Nicole Milad was also injured on April 5 at 2nd Floor Bar, sustaining a concussion after being hit with a glass bottle above her left eye. Milad said she was questioned by Ithaca Police after the bar was cleared out, but was not involved in any other action.

Both Pezzello and Milad returned to the bar this weekend, as they viewed the situation as “a rare occurrence” and did not blame the bar for this unlikely happening.

“It was definitely a bad situation but it could’ve happened anywhere,” Milad said. “I’ll definitely be more careful towards the end of the night however when things get rowdy.”

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