Ham, Hollandaise And Hard-Boiled Eggs — Foods That Are Typically Consumed On Easter

There’s one thing that stays constant from holiday to holiday, no matter what religion you practice or diet you abide by: the food is always the star of the show. I’ve been preparing to celebrate Easter with my family tomorrow, as my mom and I have been making some foods in advance for our dinner (which is more like a lunch because we eat at 2 p.m.).

Sometimes I forget that not everyone understands what goes into a true Easter meal. While it may vary from family to family, there are always the same game players in some shape or form. Here’s my unofficial list of foods that make Easter such a joyous occasion.

  1.  Spiral Glazed Ham
    hamA proper Easter dinner is nothing without a seriously awesome ham. Also, make sure you have mustard handy.
  2. Scalloped Potatoes
    My mother’s specialty. Also known as Potatoes Au Gratin, this dish accompanies the ham very well. Because potatoes.
  3. Green Beans
    Not everyone’s favorite, but my family seasons them very well. A little sea salt goes a long way.
  4. Asparagus
    Again, not always a crowd pleaser. But slap some Hollandaise sauce on those babies and now you’re talking!
  5. Apple Lasagna
    A Healy family staple, apple lasagna is the perfect hybrid of apple pie and lasagna. Plus. it’s super easy to make. Don’t hate on it before you try it!
  6. Hard Boiled Eggs
    Obviously they are meant to be dyed and such, but I will never forget when my grandpa ate my favorite egg on me. After all, they are edible.
  7. Jellybeans
    Easter is nothing without jellybeans, let’s be serious. You eat them all day pretty much and many days after. Thanks, Easter Bunny, for the cavities.
  8. Peeps
    Peeps are not my favorite. Some people go crazy over them, others just like to blow them up in the microwave (see above).
  9. Carrot Cake
    Carrot cake gets a bad rap, but when done right it can be pretty darn delicious. Give it a chance this holiday … or just stick to the bunny cake your aunt showed up with.

Images: Imgur, Giphy, Skinny Taste, Photobucket, Mr. Food, Gif Soup