Collegetown Bagels Voted One Of The Best College Sandwich Shops

There comes a time in every person’s life when they meet their match. And by match I mean their favorite collegeCTB 2 food joint. Enter: Collegetown Bagels. This local bagel, coffee and, of course, sandwich eatery was recently voted by Thrillist as one of the 33 best college sandwich shops in the United States.

As if I couldn’t love the place enough, CTB was voted as a top shop because of it’s wide variety of goods — and it’s true! They offer bagels, sandwiches, a plethora of baked goods, hot and cold coffee drinks, smoothies and other fine, locally sourced goods. Thrillist writer Adam Lapetina especially enjoyed the Autumn Sky sandwich:

Almost everything is mouthwateringly good, but you have to try the Autumn Sky, which is the perfect blend of sharp, tangy, and sweet with smoked turkey breast topped with bacon, spinach, apples, cheddar, and whole grain mustard on sourdough.

Preach, Lapetina. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. My favorite sandwich is the Eggs Christina, eggs and ham CTB 3on a bagel of choice, with pepper jack cheese. To switch up the flavors, I love to get a spicy Italian or cheddar bagel. Considered yourself set for life if you live near either CTB or Ithaca Bakery, it’s sister shop, in the greater Ithaca area.

But if you are out of luck and don’t have the means of stopping by this “gorges” city, check out the other 32 shops on Lapetina’s list. Who knows, you may be surprised to find your own college town.

For more awesome news and updates about Collegetown Bagels, check out their Twitter and Facebook pages. They post fun photos and specials of the day, including their amazing soups (see the tweet below and try not to drool).


Images: Stephen Luke/Flickr



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