When Blogs, And Blogging, Saved The Day

As Dan Gillmor explains in “We The Media,” bloggers have taken over the Internet. Whether for journalistic purposes or pure entertainment, blogs allow us to connect to people from around the world. That’s some really amazing stuff.

But blogs, while maintaining these mentioned uses, acted in a way I least expected. On Monday, I experienced a traumatic family emergency. I was shaken to the core and all I wanted was to go home and be with my family. However, I couldn’t put classes and other commitments on hold until Friday. While the situation at home was being handled, I felt disconnected from my family and felt helpless.

Throughout the week I sought the support of my family and friends before heading home. But when there was no one to talk to, I began to browse blogs. And what I found helped temporarily relieve my stress. It’s amazing the amount of people who share their personal stories, like I just did, through writing about it online. All platforms house blogs containing inspirational stories, heartwarming photos or relevant GIFs — all of which were exemplary in relating to how I felt.

This is the beauty of the blogosphere. It isn’t just for hard news or mindless noise. Blogs can be powerful, important outlets in our lives. Sometimes, we just may not know how — yet.


One comment

  1. Glad you found some relief and comfort in what you read! I definitely agree with the power blogs hold in their ability to relate to others, especially on topics of the human condition. I know I found some peace of mind reading them while I struggled with my sexual identity. Enjoyed your post!

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