Alexandra Chang Dishes Out Helpful Social Media Advice

Alexandra Chang, a freelance writer based in Ithaca, N.Y., held a discussion about the do’s and don’ts of social achangmedia interactions for the professional journalist. Chang focused primarily on the use of Twitter, LinkedIn, Vine and blog platforms.

Having previously lived in San Francisco as a staff writer for WIRED, a popular technology publication, Chang has consistently used social media in her profession. Chang said that it’s important to watch what you tweet, but mildly showing your personality wouldn’t hurt.

Chang continued her discussion on the proper, and optimal, use of LinkedIn for journalists. She explained how journalists can find sources, connect with experts and even employers in the field.

As far as Instagram, Vine and other social media platforms go, Chang uses her accounts for personal reasons and doesn’t publicly promote her pages. However, she did give a fun example of how her friends use Vine and a blog platform to produce news-related shorts and post them online.

All in all, Chang’s talk was beneficial for both the students and herself.

Image: Hank Mitchell/Flickr, Alexandra Chang/


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