Trend Alert: Macaroons Make Their Way To Ithaca


Macaroon’s from Sarah’s Patisserie.

Macaroons have graced social media with their bright, delight form for a couple years now. Taking the cupcake’s spotlight, the macaroon has become the new, trendy dessert and object of any trendsetter’s eye. Macaroons were made famous by the high-class French bakery Ladurée, based in the Upper East Side of New York City. Locally, macaroons are available from a couple different locations.

The colorful treats are featured at Sarah’s Patisserie, a fine pastry and chocolate shop located in The Commons at 130 East Seneca Street. The shop has a collection of macaroons ranging in flavors and colors. They are so pretty you have a difficult time sinking your teeth into their smooth surface.

Another local macaroon provider is Emmy’s, a macaroon company created by an Ithaca resident and an Ithaca College alumna. The two began Emmy’s from their kitchen and now provide their organic macaroons to local co-ops, regional Whole Foods locations and even Ithaca College itself. The macaroons are gluten free, raw and vegan. Since expanding, Emmy’s kitchen is now located at 629 West Buffalo St. in Ithaca.

Go ahead and try some of these tasty treats out yourself! You’ll not only be making yourself happy, but also your local businesses.

Image: Houang Stephane/Flickr


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